Prakash Matada

Prakash Matada is a wildlife filmmaker and National Geographic Explorer who has turned his childhood obsession with wildlife into a professional pursuit. For over a decade, among numerous creative pursuits, he has taken up every opportunity to bring wildlife conservation stories from India to a discerning global audience. Prakash’s vision is to craft stories that tug at the heartstrings of people from all walks of life, to evoke in them an unflinching love for the natural world. His work has won him awards of repute, including Wildscreen and Jackson Wild. His camerawork has been featured by broadcasters such as BBC, Discovery, Disney, Apple TV, Animal Planet and National Geographic. He believes art does more than discussing problems – it seeks solutions, too.

Storytelling in collaboration is fun and exhilarating, especially in times when the world is but a global village. I work closely with producers to deliver on the editorial brief and try to create sequences that are both engaging and cinematic, to give the target audience a real sense of the wildlife and their various environments. I love and constantly look forward to the challenge of pioneering new camera rigs, developing innovative filming techniques and pushing myself to find new ways to tell arresting conservation stories. Attention to detail, to me, is an uncompromising practice. I have filmed in all environments – from sub-zero conditions in the Himalayas to the rain-battered forests of the Western Ghats. But it is a rather perplexing confluence – where the most challenging conditions meet the most fulfilling, joyous experience.

Over the last few years, I’m fortunate to have worked with some amazing people and organisations…

I specialise in the following areas of filming:

1. Long lens - 50-1000mm/Red Weapon Helium/ Arri / Sony Cameras

2. Drones- Inspire 2 and Mavic 2 Pro with over 200 hours of flying

3. Gimbal tracking work- Ronin 2, Movi Pro

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Wildlife Showreel 2017

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