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The infinitely gracious, graceful Earth fascinates every child with its overwhelmingly manifold details of beauty. I was no exception. My childhood obsession with wildlife, to my great fortune, has kept me rooted in love and reverence for this planet. It has also led me to the boundless world of imagination as a storyteller, with my work as a filmmaker and cameraman.

For over a decade now, among numerous creative pursuits, I have taken up every opportunity to bring wildlife conservation stories from India to a discerning global audience. My vision, towards which I sincerely strive, is to craft stories that tug at the heartstrings of people from all walks of life, to evoke in them an unflinching love for the natural world. I currently share my time between creating films for non-profit and government organisations that support wildlife conservation projects and doing camerawork for broadcasters such as BBC, Discovery, Disney, Apple TV, Animal Planet and National Geographic. While work itself is the greatest reward there is, I am humbled by the recognition my work has received thus far, including the most prestigious wildlife awards, Wildscreen and Jackson Wild, considered the highest bar of achievement in the natural history filmmaking industry.

Currently, I am working on projects on two blue chip series with award winning productions. As a National Geographic Explorer, I create a much-needed, inspiring, and engaging nature-education video series on high-conflict wildlife species for children in India who live close to the forests. I believe that investing in children’s educational visual media is vital to building long-term tolerance towards and love for wildlife in them.

I hope to be persistent in my quest for natural beauty while, through my work, shedding light on some of the most urgent issues that pose threats to it. Because I believe art does more than just that – it seeks solutions, too.


To have been a part of some of the most exciting, prestigious film festivals, and to have won some awards of great repute have been among my most humbling experiences as an artist. While there is an overwhelming array of art out there that never ceases to inspire me, the funnest part of being recognised by platforms as the following is to meet passionate people with great vision and artistry and stimulating visual content. For a storyteller, there is never a dearth of stories to draw motivation from, and I am hence grateful to all these accolades that have come my way:

Jackson Wild  Winner- 2020

Wildscreen Festival - Bristol 2020 Official Selection

S.O.F.A. Film Festival - 2020

Wildlife Conservation Film Festival - New York 2020

Ireland Wildlife Film Festival - 2020

Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital - Washington 2020

Green Screen Environmental Film Festival - Caribbean 2018

National Geographic Short Film Showcase - 2017

International Wildlife Film Festival - Montana 2017

Wildlife Conservation Film Festival - New York 2017

14th Frames Film Festival Mumbai 2017

Auroville Film Festival - 2017

Singapore Eco Film Festival - Singapore

2017 Green Screen Nature Film Festival - Germany

2017 Finalist Luxperience Australia - 2019

My career in filmmaking started while I was volunteering for a wildlife NGO. I specialise in telling stories about Science, Wildlife Conservation, and the intersection of the two, that influence opinion and change behaviour. My work has contributed in raising millions of dollars for Wildlife Conservation, influenced communities, and made complex scientific topics accessible to a worldwide audience.

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