Prakash Matada

National Geographic Explorer. Wildlife Filmmaker. Cinematographer. Speaker.

Prakash Matada is an artist who has turned his childhood obsession with wildlife into a professional pursuit. Splitting his time between creating wildlife conservation films for non-profit organisations and doing camerawork for broadcasters, he strives to craft stories that tug at the heartstrings of people from all walks of life and evoke a genuine love in them for the natural world. His work has won him awards of repute, including WildScreen and Jackson Wild, two of the most prestigious Film Festivals in the Natural World.  Currently, Prakash is working on a blue-chip landmark series for the BBC and Apple TV. 

Prakash Matada with newly launched Arri Alexa 35
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Recent Conservation Film

Flying Elephants – A Mother’s Hope is a multi-award-winning film by Prakash Matada. The short film on Asiatic Elephants is inspired by a mythological story from the ancient Hindu book ‘Gajashastra’. The film is narrated in Betta kuruba language, a dialect of Kannada spoken by the tribals residing along the South Western border of Mysore. Although considered sacred, elephants are being decimated across Asia. The film sheds light on these sensitive, emotional, and socially intelligent creatures that rightfully deserve their place in the natural world. Flying Elephants was launched on social media platforms on World Elephant Day, 2021. It collectively reached up to 100 Million followers with support from celebrities and influencers globally, including the honourable Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi.


Conservation Films

Prakash likes to craft stories about science, culture and wildlife conservation and their intersection that influences opinion and changes behaviour.

Natural History Camerawork

Prakash’s experience as a cinematographer includes filming for blue chip landmarks and sync/actuality across some of the most challenging environments.

Filmmaking Workshops

Prakash teaches the artistic and technical details of wildlife filmmaking in his workshops, sharing the lessons and inspirations gleaned during a decade in the wild.

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